How-to posts and essays, organized by category.

Online Writing and Strategy

Newsletter Archives

Previous editions of the newsletter, for browsing.

Content Writing

How-to posts on writing craft, structure, style, and strategy.

Tools and Reviews

Honest recaps and reviews of my favorite people and products on the internet.

Email Writing and Marketing

Posts on how to start and scale an email newsletter using forms, newsletters, and automations.

PR and Earned Media

How-to posts on the ins and outs of earned media: targeting, pitching, and getting featured online.

Copywriting and Advertising

Posts focused specifically on writing marketing or advertising copy, with a goal to have readers take action.

Special Topics and Passion Projects

Personal Finance and Business Strategy

Posts that cover personal finance principles and how entrepreneurship fits into the equation.

The 700-Word Read

A passion project. Stories and anecdotes, meticulously edited, that always park under 700 words to practice brevity.

How to Substack

Posts related to Substack, a startup newsletter platform.

How to Medium

Tips specifically for writing and publishing stories on, an open-source platform.

How to Notion

Tips and tricks for getting started in Notion, a freemium productivity and writing app.

How to Airtable

Articles and how-tos about Airtable, a leading hybrid spreadsheet-database software.

How to Write for X

Articles about pitching a specific publication as a contributor or freelance writer.

The Rest

Productivity and Behavior

How we think, how we behave, and posts on how both can be shaped and improved.

Social Media

How-to posts and ideas for publishing to social media accounts, along with commentary on the industry.


Articles related to news writing, reportage, or freelance writing skills.

Cornerstone Content

A six-part beginner's guide on writing cornerstone content: foundational long-form content that lives on your website. Articles

Articles originally written for, reprinted here with permission from the publication.

Fast Company Articles

Articles originally written for Fast Company, reprinted here with permission from the publication.


One-off posts on a variety of miscellaneous topics.