Why bother creating a system to organize your ideas when someone else has already done it for you?

Notion is a free productivity and project management tool. A free Notion template goes a long way, and there are several in-app templates that you can start using immediately upon signup.

Whether you want a habit tracker, need to manage your academic life, or just want to use the app for your own business, there are free templates you can incorporate into your own Notion workspace today.

Let’s go through what a Notion template really is and why you should consider leveraging one to support your goal setting efforts.

What Are Notion Templates?

In Notion, when you go to create a page, one of the line prompts is to explore templates. Click on this, and you’ll be directed to a display where you can browse and preview some of the best Notion templates from the community.

You can navigate to the templates library at any time within the desktop app.

There are Notion templates for students, a dashboard monthly planner personal productivity enthusiasts will love, and so much more.

What Free Notion Templates Are Included in the App?

Let’s go through some of the different categories in the left-hand sidebar within the Notion app.

Category: Free Personal Notion Templates

One of the most popular uses of Notion is as a habit tracker. There’s a free Notion habit tracker built directly into the app.

A Notion template for tracking habits that auto-schedules each week.

The tracker Notion template is one of the simpler templates, but it’s effective for daily tasks. I personally keep it simple and use the checkbox feature as a running punch list for my business. There are so many aspects of life and work that can be made easier with a little personal organization.

A reading list Notion template.

A travel planner Notion template.

A daily journal Notion template.

A personal rolodex Notion template.

Category: Free Notion Business Templates

Notion works for either personal or professional use cases. If you have your own business, you can use Notion as a free hub to manage tasks. The app is great for early stage entrepreneurs who don’t have much of a monthly budget, but do want a space to flesh out their business model and get themselves organized.

A product Wiki Notion template.

A sales pipeline template.

A people directory Notion template.

A competitive analysis Notion template.

Small business project management is where Notion shines. If you need your freelance business deliverables all in one workspace, Notion does this nicely.

Category: Free Notion Finance Templates

Notion’s clean interface has made it popular for personal finance-related habit tracking. If you want to monitor where you save and spend money along with overall cash flow, the Notion finances tracker template was designed specifically for this purpose.

A personal budget Notion template.

The finance tracker is one of the more aesthetic templates, but Notion as a whole doesn’t integrate with many other apps. If you’re looking for a way to transfer data in and out to keep your life organized, a different project management tool might be a better option.

Category: University Hub Notion Template

Students love Notion, and it’s easy to understand why! The app lets you keep all your school activities and coursework organized in one ultimate planner dashboard. The academic options are some of the best free Notion templates for students.

A class notes Notion template.

A “Cornell notes system” Notion template.

A grade calculator Notion template.

Remember that you can easily import more Notion templates into your Notion workspace whenever you want. Take advantage of these to bolster your academic career and make student life a little easier.

Category: Content Planner Notion Template

Social media platforms often require a lot of tasky content management. Having a Notion dashboard just for content planning can be an easy, cost-effective way to create a productive system for publishing, while also managing your mental well-being along the way.

A blog editorial calendar Notion template.

A media campaign Notion template.

Some of the more advanced templates for managing content in Notion include linked databases and other nesting functions, but you probably don’t need anything this fancy. In most cases, a free template helps you track progress.

Category: The “Second Brain” Notion Template

Some people love the Notion workspace so much that they decide to use it for every area of their life. “Second brain” templates are personal templates that operate like a single source of truth, giving you a better understanding of how things work together. If you’ve decided that Notion is your favorite tool for daily life, you can house all your courses, social media embeds, and best templates into one Wiki for easy reference.

What Are the Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates?

For managing your personal life, I personally like the Notion template designed for habit tracking, the travel planner template, and the student dashboard template. These are unique Notion templates built into the app that are easy to customize with your personal preferences.

Remember that there are also more aesthetic Notion templates in the community template library. These are refreshed each month.

Go to “More from the community" in the left-hand sidebar to see crowdsourced templates, all for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Notion Template for To-Do Lists?

There are several free Notion templates for to-do lists. One of the perks of Notion is that you can organize your line items in different views, such as a list view, a calendar view, and a kanban board view.

Is There a Free Notion Template for Businesses?

There are several free Notion template options for businesses, but it depends on what type of business information you’re looking to organize. Additionally, Notion isn’t great at porting data in or out of the app via integrations or Zapier.

Can I Share My Notion Templates with Others?

You can! If you’ve created a project roadmap or other powerful tool in Notion, and want to share it, you can create a share link that will let others copy the template to their own account. On paid plans, you can control these permissions, too.

Get Started in Notion Now

From e-commerce business to CV template, there’s a pre-built Notion solution for just about everything. Consider learning your way around Notion today so you can organize inspiration and move productively toward your goals. ◆

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