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To AI, or Not to AI?

c/o Canva

Roll call: Who's been tinkering with AI this year?

I have. And some AI use cases are better than others.

Moreover, some content writing efforts can't be automated by an AI. You simply have to know the craft of writing to be more effective

In this new blog, I mixed some tried-and-true writing tips with others that are important to consider in an increasingly AI-powered world.

Check them out here.

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The Authority Principle

c/o Nielsen Norman Group

Leading UX research organization Nielsen Norman Group calls it the Authority Principle.

According to NNG, this refers to the fact that “A perceived high-authority status of the person making a request can make people more compliant with that request. Applying this principle in UX can ease users' decision-making process.”

Showcasing your authority isn't just about showing off. It's actually an accessibility play. When you surface your expertise and results, you simplify your customer's decision-making process.

The Authority Principle applies to more than just media mentions. See some of the other most common use cases in their blog post.

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Brought To You By Gusto

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This month's partner for newsletters was Gusto.

Gusto is a leading payroll solutions software for solopreneurs and service providers. If you have employees, or hire contractors regularly, Gusto is an easy way to manage payments and ensure all your tax paperwork is on point when the time comes.

I have personally used Gusto since 2020. Since my business is a single-member LLC taxed as an S-Corp, I have to have myself on payroll. Gusto made this really easy, and I'm able to scale things up or down as needed. They also were able to provide a solution when I decided to put myself on my own benefits.

With our link, you can get up to $100 off Gusto when you sign up for a plan. Learn more about Gusto by clicking the link below.

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