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She's Still the Most Important Sentence

She's a diva, she's an icon, she is the moment, and she controls your fate. I'm talking, of course, about the queen: The headline.

Your headline will make or break your article. A half-assed post might still get good traction if the headline is a winner. When the headline is bad, though, it doesn't even matter what the content was about, because no one is ever clicking to read.

There's no one perfect headline formula. Depending on your online goals, however, some formats are better than others. Headlines are about inspiring action. As such, people try to juice their headlines with as much emotion as they can, which is why you see so much clickbait these days.

You don't need to resort to clickbait to find success online. But you do need to persuade readers to stop their scroll, read, and click. So it would be good to remain well-read on headline best practices.

Here's a new blog post on headlines, along with 5 details you should consider when writing them.

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The Bond Buying Blitz

Credit: Kampus Productions via Pexels

Nearly $60 billion in bonds were issued to large American companies in the first full week of September, an indicator that fears of a recession continue to wane, and that businesspeople are again feeling ready to invest, spend, and expand, per new reporting from The New York Times.

We're certainly not out of the woods -- refinancing these debts can often be a pain in the ass, and Wall Street still doesn't like it when interest rates go up, because it means companies expenses will, too.

What does this mean for online professionals? It means companies are probably thinking about expansion in the near term. They may also want to get their hands on financing now before rates rise further and debt becomes more expensive to take on later.

It's good to look at how companies behave, even if we are solopreneurs or small business owners. Often, our narrative is that we must bootstrap everything, all the time. Successful organizations usually don't think that way; they prioritize smart growth and spending money to make money.

Invest in your expansion. Join the program, buy the monitor, hire and train the VA, and so on. Every year I make investments in my business, it gets tighter and stronger and better.

I gotchu, boo — read this New York Times piece for free with my friend link in the button below.

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Infographic: 6 Principles of Design

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