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An Updated Perspective on Substack Vs. Medium

via layers feature in Canva

When it came to Substack versus Medium for independent writers, I was a hard leftist. In this case, “left” meant the platform that has Colin Kaepernick on its board of directors (That would be Medium).

I felt Substack was overhyped and underdeveloped in terms of features. I also felt Medium was underhyped, because on Medium audience size has little to impact on distribution and potential for virality. I still think Medium is the bee's knees for those who want to experiment with different blogging styles.

But Substack has improved a lot. And perhaps it's just less hyped now. Creators and business owners have realized that they still need to market their content if they want people to see it.

Additionally, each platform has released new features in the last year. So here's a rundown comparing the two online publishing tools.

🔗 Compare Substack with Medium

YOLO Vibes Still Shaping Consumers

Credit: Robert Rodriguez, CNET

My newest for CNET breaks down some of the spending patterns business owners should know.

Although debt continues to rise, something peculiar is happening. Mortgage rates are sky-high in the U.S. at the moment, and with home prices up 29% since 2020, some consumers appear to be abandoning the dream of homeownership. Rather than sock away the cash toward a down payment, spending continues, despite rising consumer debt levels.

Will it all come crashing down? We don't know yet. But if you depend on client retainers or launches to make that money each month, it'd be a good idea to keep your eye on what's going on in the economy.

Here's my write-up for one of America's leading tech and consumer finance publications.

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Infographic: Typography Terms for Nerds

c/o The Logo Company

Show, don't tell. Here's a beautiful graphic from The Logo Company that explains elements of typography. I thought this was really well-organized.

Always serve your reader. If a visual is better than a paragraph for explaining information, go in that direction. Or better yet, offer both. That's how the pro bloggers do it.

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