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Coast FI explained, more AI use cases, and an app directory

c/o layers feature in Canva

When I was covering the FIRE movement for TIME last year, I couldn't help but notice how closely connected the online business and financial independence communities really are.

FIRE refers to financial independence, retire early: The idea that, if you amass a large enough sum of invested assets, you can live off the interest gains alone and ride off into the sunset. (This is an oversimplification, but you get the idea.)

But FIRE is, well, pretty hard to hit. Most will need well north of $1 million in invested assets to achieve it, and that's not realistic for most people. FIRE is often panned as elitist. Still, it can be helpful to better define what some of your personal financial goals are, then connect your online business efforts to those goals in ways that motivate you.

There's a smaller benchmark in FI culture called Coast FIRE, or Coast FI. Think of Coast FI as frontloading your retirement contributions now so that your money will have more time to compound and grow. The theory of Coast FI is that, once you hit this wealth benchmark, you could stop contributing to retirement accounts and let interest gains carry you the rest of the way, “coasting” to your nest egg.

What's your Coast FIRE number? Check out this new blog for the formula that'll let you calculate it for yourself.

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11 ChatGPT Journalism Use Cases

c/o Poynter illustration by Annie Aguiar and Shutterstock

AI in journalism is very touchy right now. I actually can't comment a whole lot on it because I am in CNET's union.

I did read this recent piece by essayist Annie Aguiar for the Poynter Institute, though. The suggested use cases are your usual suspects, such as organizing information. Also remember that this technology is changing quickly. A year ago, AI chatbots couldn't search the internet, and now a lot of them can, which opens up new opportunities for fact-checking and sourcing.

How many of these use cases are new to you? Click the button to read the article and find out.

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An AI Directory You Might Like

via theresanaiforthat.com

I found a directory for AI applications. The name of the website is “There's an AI for that,” and as of this writing it has catalogued over 8,500 new applications.

Most of them are somewhat lackluster, but it's helpful to see what types of use cases are coming down the pipe. For example, I found this image generator, which did an okay job of producing an infographic from one of my articles.

Nothing to write home about, but an AI did make this in just a few clicks.

via theresanaiforthat.com

If nothing else, it's fun to browse. And you might stumble across something that saves you time or gives you fodder for your next article.

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