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🎥 How to Reach Your Goals with Writing (Wednesday, January 10)

🎥 How to Edit Your Writing (Monday, January 15)

🎥 How to Organize Your Writing (Friday, January 19)

🙋🏻‍♂️ LIVE Workshop: “How to Work Less and Publish More in 2024” (Wednesday, January 24)

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Who This Video Series Is For

Illustration by Kevin Sterjo

This video series is for you if any of the following statements are true:

✏️ You want to write articles, emails, and social media captions with excitement and ease.

🗑️ You want to stop wasting time digging around for past drafts, scraps, or written notes.

📣 You want to grow your audience and reach more people without resorting to “hustle bro” culture and tactics.

📊 You want to see a clear, measurable ROI that connects your written marketing efforts with revenue.

🤖 You are curious about AI writing technology, but feel unclear how to leverage it strategically, effectively and ethically.

📧 You would like to publish more blog posts, articles, email newsletters, and/or stories this year.

🏆 You want your writing to be better so you can stick out from the crowd and not have to work so hard to be heard.

If any of these rang true, this video series is for you.


Wednesday, January 10:

How to Reach Your Goals with Writing

It sounds so simple, right? And yet we still struggle with it. The content we write doesn’t lead to results.

In this video, we’ll dig into how to approach business objectives that involve writing so you always know whether you’re on the right track.


Monday, January 15:

How to Edit Your Writing

In the age of AI, being able to bring quality and personality to your writing has become essential.

Ensure your work is great by thinking like an editor. I’ll show you how, along with how this skill set helps you sharpen your online efforts.


Friday, January 19:

How to Organize Your Writing

For many of us, the writing is not the problem. Our challenges are that we’re not organized with what we want write, why, and for whom.

Dial those items in first and writer’s block will soon become a thing of the past.


Wednesday, January 24:

How to Work Less and Publish More in 2024 (LIVE Class)

Join me, Nick Wolny, a professional editor and consultant of seven years, as we kickstart our year, get inspired, and identify the written marketing moves we want to prioritize in 2024.

You’ll also hear about a special new program that will be open for enrollment through the end of January, then closed for the rest of the year.

See you there. 👋🏼

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What Is Camp Wordsmith®?

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Illustration by Kevin Sterjo

Camp Wordsmith is an online writing program for service providers, small business owners, creators, and online professionals.

We help you write and publish more, while also working less.

Camp Wordsmith is a registered trademark of Hefty Media Group, a content marketing consultancy based in Los Angeles, California.

Hmm, Okay. And Who Are You?

Credit: Mercedes Barba Photography

Hi, I'm Nick Wolny.

I'm an editor, journalist, and business consultant. Currently, I'm a senior editor at CNET and the finance columnist for Out Magazine, and have previously written for Fast Company, Fortune, Entrepreneur Magazine and others.

Since 2016, I've been helping people use good writing to reach their online goals. When you write quickly and well, and have the right strategy for your online efforts, this stuff still works. It's good to have multiple tools in your writing toolbox.

After a back injury in 2021 left me with chronic pain, senseless hustle was no longer an option. I had to rebuild everything from the ground up to work smarter and more creatively in online efforts.


The fancy media bio:

A classically trained French hornist by education, Nick Wolny is a senior editor and journalist at CNET, where he oversees coverage related to consumer spending, consumer tech and personal finance. He is also the finance columnist for Out magazine and a frequent television correspondent, and was previously senior editor at NextAdvisor, in partnership with Time, where he oversaw coverage of the financial independence movement.

Prior to journalism, Nick owned a content marketing agency, a business he converted into a fractional consultancy upon pivoting his career. He has previously written thought leadership columns for Fast Company, Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine and Fortune, and is based in Los Angeles.

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